Our Story

Serving the Grand Lake communities for more than 40 years,  Hogg Funeral & Cremation Services has been privileged to be the funeral home of choice for multiple generations now of many of the families of Minto, Chipman and the surrounding areas.

Opened in 1969 by Alfred and Walberta (Wally) Parker as the Minto Funeral Home, the business grew with the support of the community establishing a bond of trust with friends and neighbours. Parker Hamilton would take over the firm upon the retirement of Alfred and Wally, building upon their legacy until, with his career winding down, he sold the business. The purchasers were brothers Stephen and Bill MacMackin who already operated family firms in Saint John and Fredericton. The MacMackin's sent funeral director Bruce Hogg to manage the Minto Funeral Home.

Bruce and Gloria moved their family to Minto in 1990 and quickly became part of the community. A native of rural Nova Scotia, Bruce came with an understanding of the role of the funeral home in a rural area. "When there is a death in the community, it affects everyone," says Bruce. "Even if you didn't know the person who passed away, there is a good chance you know a family member. And everyone comes to the funeral home." "That's very important to people too," adds Gloria, who quickly became part of the team. "I think that a lot of healing begins here. This is where the community comes together to share the loss and help one another to carry on. It's a very public place in that sense."

Settling into their new home and new responsibilities the Hogg's became the faces of the business and when they were offered the opportunity to become partners in the venture they jumped at the chance.

Early in their tenure the Hogg's would oversee an extensive renovation of the Minto Funeral Home to enhance the level of service available to their families. The work they did would continue to meet their needs for a number of years but eventually they would respond to the growing business and the large area they served by opening a second facility - an additional Chapel in the Town of Chipman in 2007.

In 2009, with their son and daughter growing up in the community - and both playing roles in the business as they matured - Bruce and Gloria took the ultimate step in putting down roots and cementing their relationship with the area by deciding to put their name on the business they had shepherded for nearly 20 years. Hogg Funeral & Cremation Services was formally introduced along with new names for their buildings; the Minto Community Chapel and the Chipman Community Chapel.